Trekking in Bir Billing


If you like to spend your weekend in a paradise for lovers, then Bir Billing is the right choice for you. It’s an amazing place and the village Bir is situated under the foothills of Dhauladhar mountain ranges. This mountain range has snow mountains, dense forests, grasslands, fields and much more. The Billing is almost 14 km away from Bir. It is situated at the top of the hill and is approximately 2400 high from the sea level. This area provides you the opportunity to see the world around you to long distances. This place is very well known for paragliding. Not only this, it is a nice place for camping and provides you the opportunity to interact with nature and see wildlife. If you want this place to look more closely you can go for trekking. Bir Billing is the right option for people who are looking for some adventure.

About The village of Bir Valley

Located at the south of the Lower Bir, the village of Bir that is also known as the hamlet of Chowgan is the home to the Tibetan community who were refugees when they first arrived here. They are the very first settlements that entered India and founded this place in the year 1962 when the Chinese occupation as well as the subsequent flight of Tibetans into India. At that time, the settlement was named as a Colony.

Bir, since then has been a magnet that has attracted many outdoor enthusiasts who began to offer hang-gliding, trekking and camping activities, along with the famous paragliding activity.


Billing is located in the Kangra Valley which is in the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas at the north of Dharamsala of Himachal Pradesh. Around 15 km south of Billing, Bir is located in the same district where it is nestled within the same mountain range, just that it is in a much lower altitude.

SkyFlyGliding was established to offer outstanding quality in travel and adventure sports that would be able to boost the spirit of those visiting this place. With the numerous list of expeditions available, the list of happy clients is increasing day by day. Enjoy the beauty of Bir Billing and the surrounding areas with us at SkyFlyGliding.


At about 12 to 13 hours from Delhi which is about 550 km approximately, reach Bir, Himachal Pradesh on your own. In case you are coming in from Manali or Shimla, it is 14 km away from Jogindernagar, and if you are arriving from Kangra or Dharamshala, it is 14 km away from Baijnath.

When you reach our office, you would be escorted to the Billing Camp Site that is about 14 km away from the office. The trip would start in the evening. After we get there, you can set up your camp sire and enjoy the local sightseeing and camping activities. There would be a bonfire at dinner time.