Paragliding Bir Billing

Destination: Bir Billing

Time: 7days

Do you want to encounter once in a lifetime experience? With Skyfly gliding, you get to experience the Paragliding in the best hills. It is one of the best aero sports sites in the country. Bir Billing is surrounded by an amphitheater of low hills and tea gardens. It is an excellent landing ground for para-gliders. Paragliding in Billing covers an area of 200 km with hills 14 km from Bir. Get high altitude and cross country flying.Although you can visit Bir Billing throughout the year, March to May, and October to November are the best time for Paragliding due to better thermals.

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About the Paragliding Location – Bir Valley

There are many places for paragliding in Himachal Pradesh, and Bir is one of the most famous ones. The Bir Valley has a fantastic weather throughout the year and also has a perfect height as well as thermals for paragliding at any time in the year.
The Bir Valley is located in the hills of the Himalayas, which is about 530 km from Delhi. With a backdrop of snowy peaks that rises from about 6000 meters, the location has a potential sailing of thousands of kilometers.
Alongside Bir, you can also enjoy the panorama of the beautiful Dhauladhar ranges that leads you to Dharamshala, which is 60 km away and Palampur, which is 30 km from Bir. Moreover, if you wish to spend more time in the hills, Manali awaits you in about 110 km from there.
Anyone can easily reach the paragliding site without much trouble and with any vehicle. The Landing site is in the Village Keori along the Chougan-Keori Road, that is on the edge of the Tibetan Colony. The place is a very clear and open ground with enough of green grass and fewer trees to make the landing a smooth one.


The Paragliding Season in Bir Billing

Even though the place is open mid of September to the 1st week of July due to the outstanding weather in the area, but the best time of the year is from March till June, and from October till the Mid of December.
The later time in October and November is when the tourist usually flood the roads of Bir Billing as they paraglide their way into nature. At this time of the year, the wind is calm, and even a bit warm making the paragliding an excellent flight.
The time of March till June is also a fabulous time for paragliding but during this period the winds are high, and there are high chances to encounter a thunderstorm here. During the other time, paragliding is open for everyone, but the flights usually stay low due to the cold weather.

Types of Paragliding in Bir


Short Fly

Arrive at Bir (Chougan). Those who have a little time for paragliding can opt for this option that takes about 10 to 20 minutes, and the flight route is from Bir Billing to Landing straightway. One ride charge is for only one person here where the ride has a little thrill and is very simple.


Medium Fly

This has a little higher level when it comes to excitement and thrill where the licensed pilots would glide you during the flight for about 25 to 30 minutes.


Long Fly

The long paragliding is the one with the most adventure and flight as well. The time for this is about 35 minutes to 1 hour where you would take off in Bir and land on the Red-Roof in a field. But this is usually opted for depending on the weather conditions.

Package Details

Paragliding Package
Package: Paragliding flight from Billing to Bir
Season: From October to June
Location: Bir-Billing, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh
Route: Billing – Bari – Landing site Chougan
Climate: 10 – 25 centigrade
Takeoff site: 8000 ft. from sea level
Landing site: 4300 ft. from sea level.
Transportation: Bir Paragliding Landing area to Billing Take off point at 16 km uphill.
Experienced Paragliding pilot.
Paragliding session of 15-30 minutes.
Equipment for Paragliding Tandem Flying.
Important Instructions
Paragliding weight limit is 20-95 kg, if weight is between 95-115 kg the paragliding team charge INR 500/- extra and also decide it at the time of paragliding, depending upon fitness of person.
Any additional expenses for videography of paragliding flight, supplement charges of INR 500 for GOPRO video, expenses caused.
We will be not responsible for your loss of money, electronics or other stuffs, like: Mobile Phones, Wallet, Luggage, etc while touring.
At Skyfly Gliding, we are a team of experts who specialize in adventurous activities such as Paragliding.